Terms and Conditions

1. General


1.1. The breeding season starts from the 1st of February 2024 and ends at the 31st of July 2024.


1.2. The first part of the insemination-fee has to be paid before the first insemination. The second part has to be paid until the 1st of october 2024. In the case that the insemination was not successful, a veterinary proof has to be handed in until the 1st of october 2024. Otherwise the second part of the insemination-fee will be charged. Veterinary proofs, which are handed in later cannot be taken into account. Due to the EU sales tax reform and the resulting OSS procedure that has been in effect since July 1st, 2021, all stud fees and transport costs are now net prices, i.e. plus the sales tax rate applicable at the place of delivery (in Germany 7%).


1.3. In the case of high frequentation of a stallion, the semen is limited to three portions. Please consult your veterinarian for the right management.


1.4. In the case a stallion is not available (competition or injury) you can switch to frozen semen (depending on availability) or another stallion. 


2. Shipping


2.1. Shipping orders need to be placed until 9:00 a.m (CET) on the day before you need the semen. We need the following information for shipping: choice of stallion, name and full adress of the breeder, the veterinarian, shipping-address and information about the broodmare (name, lifenumber and breeding-association).


2.2. The breeder is charged for the shipping. Please contact us for the individual shipping-conditions and costs for your country.


2.3. For every international order a veterinary certificate (costs: 60€) is necessary, which will be charged in addition to the costs for the semen and shipping!


2.4. The insemination has to be carried out by a veterinarian or any other professional person. We are not responsible for any mistakes or failures during the insemination.


3. Place of fullfilment and jurisdiction

3.1. Place of fullfilment and jurisdiction is the location of the stallion keeper also regarding present and future claims within this business relationship. By ordering the semen the buyer accepts the terms and conditions of Hengststation Ferienhof Stücker.

Hengststation Ferienhof Stücker · Weeze,  January 2024