casanova de beaufour DXB

Selle Francais | Brown | *2009 | 1.70m


  • Successful up to the highest Level (1.50m international, 1.60m national)

Approved for:

  • Hannover
  • Oldenburg
  • Süddeutsche Verbände (DSP)
  • Westfalen
  • Zangersheide
  • AES

Fresh Semen:

  • 400€ + 800€ (excl. 7% tax)
  • 428€ + 856€ (incl. 7% tax)
  • WFFS free

Dominelli Z | Ferienhof Stücker

Casanova De Beaufour DXB - International Top-Genetics!

With Casanova de Beaufour DXB we can offer you a stallion, who has proven himself on international top-level. Furthermore he delivers an exceptional pedigree decorated with some of the most wanted stallions in today's breeding.


His sire Kashmir van het Schuttershof had a highly successful sports-career. Besides that many of his offsprings followed into his hoofprints, such as Gazelle (Kent Farrington), H&M All In (Peder Fredericson) or Reveur de Hurtebise (Kevin Staut). The genetics of Kashmir van het Schuttershof are highly appreciated by riders as well as breeders all around the world.


With Diamant de Semilly and Toulon there two other first class sires in the further damline of Casanova de Beaufour DXB. His dam Ramona de Beaufour produced also the international showjumpers Brooklyn de Beaufour, Cayenne de Beaufour and George de Beaufour. Further sucessful relatives like Rosine de Beaufour, Noisette EM and Cosimo EM Z can be found in the next generation.


With focus on the sport Casanova de Beaufour DXB produced not that many offsprings so far. However his first foals look very promising and underline why Casanova de Beaufour DXB is so precious to breed with. We are delighted to offer our breeders such an exceptional stallion.